11 December 2018

Puff puff, I'm doing it! I'm making it to the finish line of the chapter without a buffer and without skimping out on the scenery backgrounds! The page's a couple hours late again, but I'm very pleased with it. We'll get to see Reynir's town soon!

*Edit* Oh, shoot, I almost forgot! Hiveworks is running a little christmas sale on everyhting on their storefront this week, which means EVERYTHING in the SSSS merch section is also sold at -10% off until the 15th! Books, plush, charms, t-shirt, all of it! So if you were thinking of getting something in the near future, this week's the week to save a few bucks. The checkout code for the discount is BUILDASNOWMAN as their promo image says. :3

As a note for those outside the US it's very possible the package won't arrive in time for Christmas since it's only 2 weeks left, especially if it gets stuck in customs. So just in case you buy something that's meant to be a gift, it could be arriving after the holidays.

Oh, final thisg: I drew the image in the promo pic, many of you probably recognize it from the art stream a couple weeks ago. I'll post the full image for you guys a bit later, I'm going to bed now! See you on Thursday!


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