13 December 2018

Second to last page of the chapter! (Yes, it's 8.30 in the morning and I have no sensible sleep schedule anymore. I'll fix it during the chapter break.)

Anyway, I'll have to save the final page for Monday, it's a double page spread so there's no way I'll be able to do draw it properly for tomorrow. So see you here on Monday for a nice double pager! This chapter is also going to have a couple of info pages (we haven't seen one of those in a good few chapters!) which means next week is still going to have proper content before the chapter break starts. Yay! :3

And weekend art livestreams will be on at their normal schedules over here, both Friday and Saturday starting at 21.00 Finnish time. On Saturday's stream I'll be continuing this drawing that we started last week, will probably be able to finish it.

As for Friday's usual comic stream... sheesh, I'm really torn between working on the double page spread and one of the info pages. I might do the info pages to spare the spoilers of showing the whole of Monday's page to you guys. Anyway, see you on Friday and Saturday for drawing times!


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