11 March 2019

Page 2/2! And I guess now the chapter break is officially on, the comic will continue as normal next week on Friday! But don't worry, I will post the chapter cover on Monday so there's a t least something between now and next Friday. :3

And I'll do my best to try and rest properly this week! I've promised myself to at least attempt a few days of not even touching the computer (other than maybe read stuff while eating) and go outside more instead. Avoid doing things with my hands etc. I do need to do my taxes for last year (uuuugh!) and some other little general work chores, but that should only take a couple days. And then next week is all about drawing the buffer pages for the upcoming chapter, gonna need 4 of them done to not run out. The script I already finished this week so I'm all set there!

And this week's livestreams on twitch will still be on as normal. Don't know what I'll be drawing on Friday or Saturday yet and I might make them a tiny bit shorter than usual in the spirit of resting, but I still want to do something!

Anyway, see you all on Modnday at least! Also welcome everyone who's found the comic during this last chapter, I'm so happy to have you here on this journey!


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