18 March 2019

Less than a week left of the break, the comic will continue on Friday! So set your reminders to be back then for regular updates again!

Speaking of that, I finally got around to setting up a traditional email newsletter (beautyfully named the Flooffy Hummingfluff Newsletter) for everyone who want to keep up with news about the comic but don't use (or don't like relying on) social media. You only need an email address to subscribe to it:

What I'll be using it for is:

1)Letting you know when a new chapter starts (so you don't need to worry about it during these chapter breaks)
2)When I have news about the next book Kickstarters
3)If something other major is coming up

So it'll be a bi-monthly to monthly newsletter. And looks like a whole bunch of people already joined in over the weekend, even though I didn't publicly announce it yet, haha, I guess it filled a need. x3

Anyway, see you guys on Friday! And you'll get the first newsletter to notify about the chapter start then!


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