21 March 2019

And we are baaack! Suer duper early today, because I'm excited about this chapter and couldn't wait until the normal posting times hehe. Chapter 3, here we go! I think we can all feel that this is where the journey for this adventure starts one way or another, enough having a good relaxing time at Reynir's house!

Anyway, glad to have you all back! And if you found the comic during the break: welcooome! Super happy to have you here!

And lastly, since it's the end of the week: for this weekend's livestreams I'll skip Friday's comic stream (the next few pages all are too spoilery!) so I will see you all on Saturday instead for the main Ilustration stream! same place same time as usual (21.00 Eastern European time on my twitch channel. :3)

*Edit* Now what on earth did Lalli bean by butter?! Well people parsed it out in the comments, but here's the gist: the phrase lalli tried to translate into Swedish was teh Finnish "Voi hyvin", which means "be well". But "voi" is also the word for butter in Finnish, so Lalli just picked the wrong Swedish word to translate into, "smör"/ butter. There ya go! Oh and "voi" also means "oh" as in "oh no". Why the same word has to mean three completely different things nobody knows.

(There's a Fenno-Swedish joke that the Finnish phrase "Voi voi, nyt sataa" is "smör smör, nu hundrar det" in swedish, and only people who understand bot languages are privy to the joke! )


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