26 Nov. 2013

The TV debate lady has awesome science and statistics facts in her pocket, she's totally going to win this round. As a wise cartoon man once said; "You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!"

Nooo, I have to go see an accountant now to talk taxes. I've slept. like, not at all this night because I'm so nervous as usual. I've never had to file my own taxes before or do bookkeeping, so I didn't know a lot about Finnish taxes and I know even less about Swedish ones.

I'm afraid that the accountant will live up to my image of them as being really stern and cold, but I'm hoping that she'll instead live up to my image of all Sweden-Swedish people (not Fennoswedish) and be really kind and cuddly instead. I did write that I'm a total tax dum-dum artist-person when I contacted the accounting firm, so I hope they took that into consideration when they assigned me to the person I'll be meeting with. x3

And today's proof-reading pages It's a bit fewer than usual this time, I ran out of time to prepare more of them yesterday. :P I'll probably post a new journal entry tomorrow, and new comic page on Thursday. Bye guys! *Heads out the door.*


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