28 Nov. 2013

These two really can't stand each other. But they provide very entertaining debates for the audience no matter what the subject is, so they keep getting re-invited to appear on the show.

In total non- comic news: I managed to make chicken that didn't feel and taste like feet for, like, the first time ever in my life! I tried cooking some chicken a few times when I first moved out on my own, but I failed miserably every time so I gave up and decided that I can't cook chicken, period. But I had such a craving for some chicken yesterday that I decided to give it one last try, and SUCCESS!

And the secret of my success was to buy a pre-made chicken barbecue marinade for seasoning and to google "how to prepare chicken". Oh, and I remembered that there was an episode of Hell's Kitchen once where chef Ramsay yelled at one of the contestants for cutting the chicken to check if it was done an letting the juices out, so I knew not to do that. I'm so proud of myself.

So hey, a question for you folks: do you some dish that you really would love to eat but can't figure out how to make? Or something awesome that you do know to make and feel ridiculously proud of, like I do about my lame but tasty and juicy chicken?

(And btw, here's today's proof-reading pages of aRTD. )


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