29 Nov. 2013

That's it for this week I guess. Next page we'll get back to Michael and Signe's little drama, so no more TV. For the rest of the comic ever! Dun-dun-duuu! No...wait...there's like two panels with a TV in them in act 3. But after that: Dun-dun-duuuu! And yesterday I took a quick break from book-making work and drew a loose portrait of red-braid-guy, so here you go:

It's a bit of a practice in drawing a bit more realistic facial structures. I always feel like I need to brush up on that now and then after drawing only comics for so long periods at a time, otherwise I risk starting to make bad cartoony mistakes without noticing it.

And finally: last batch of pages to be typo-checked. I guess I'll spend the weekend making the final changes and fittig all the pages into my book file in InDesign. :B Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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